Nucleoside phosphoramidates and related compounds

Publicerad 1999 av Inger Kers

Organic Chemistry Natural Sciences Naturvetenskap Organisk Kemi
Typ av publikation: Doktorsavhandlingar
Typ av innehåll: Övrigt vetenskaplig publ.

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In this thesis, studies directed towards development of new synthetic methods for the preparation of nucleotide analogues of potential medical value as antisense, antigene or antiviral agents, are described.Two methods for synthesis of N3'->P5' and P3'->N5' phosphoramidate analogues with the nitrogen atom in bridging position of the internucleotide linkage was developed.

Both of them make use of the readily available H-phosphonate monoesters as starting materials and permit the introduction of multiple modifications at the phosphorus center. In conjunction with these, a simple and efficient method for the preparation of nucleoside H-phosphonothioates, as a starting material for various phosphate analogues was also developed.

As part of theses studies, base-induced disproportionation of aryl H-phosphonates was investigated.A new type of prodrugs for AZT, symmetrical phosphoramidates, have been synthesised as potential anti-retroviral agent.