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Identifying and hiring the highest performers is essential for organizations to remain competitive. Research has provided effective guidelines for this but important aspects of these evidence-based processes have yet to gain acceptance among practitioners. The general aim of this thesis was to help narrowing the gap between research and practice concerning personnel selection decisions. The first study compared the validity estimates of general mental ability (GMA) and the five factor model of personality traits as predictors of job performance, finding that, when the recently developed indirect correction for range restriction was applied, GMA was an even stronger predictor of job performance than previously found, while the predictive validity of the personality traits remained at similar levels. The approach used for data collection and combination is crucial to forming an overall assessment of applicants for selection decisions and has a great impact on the validity of the decision. The second study compared the financial outcomes of applying a mechanical or clinical approach to combining predictor scores. The results showed that the mechanical approach can result in a substantial increase in overall utility. The third study examined the potential influences that practitioners’ cognitive decision-making style, accountability for the assessment process, and responsibility for the selection decision had on their hiring approach preferences. The results showed that practitioners scoring high on intuitive decision-making style preferred a clinical hiring approach, while the contextual aspects did not impact practitioners’ preferences. While more research may be needed on practitioner preferences for a particular approach, the overall results of this thesis support and strengthen the predictive validity of GMA and personality traits, and indicate that the mechanical approach to data combination provides increased utility for organizations. 
978-91-7447-883-9 / Link / Sjöberg , Sofia / 2014

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
978-951-33-1995-3 / Link / Törrönen , Jukka / 2007

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
978-91-7061-106-3 / Link / Eduards , Maud / 2012

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
We study a model describing N identical bosonic atoms trapped in a double-well potential together with a single-impurity atom, comparing and contrasting it throughout with the Dicke model. As the boson-impurity coupling strength is varied, there is a symmetry-breaking pitchfork bifurcation which is analogous to the quantum phase transition occurring in the Dicke model. Through stability analysis around the bifurcation point, we show that the critical value of the coupling strength has the same dependence on the parameters as the critical coupling value in the Dicke model. We also show that, like the Dicke model, the mean-field dynamics goes from being regular to chaotic above the bifurcation and macroscopic excitations of the bosons are observed. Although the boson-impurity system behaves like a poor man's version of the Dicke model, we demonstrate a self-trapping phenomenon which thus far has not been discussed in the realm of the Dicke model.
N/A / Link / Mumford , Jesse / 2014

Södertörns högskola Arkeologi, Nordeuropeisk
978-91-87794-50-6 / Link / Cassel , Kerstin / 2009

Södertörns högskola Övrigt
978-90-04-21877-2 / Link / Karlholm , Dan / 2012

This paper explores challenges when introducing an Apprenticeship Education pathway in the Swedish uppersecondary VET. It draws on research on a national pilot project on Apprenticeship Education funded by the Swedish National Agency for Education.The paper emphases on the workplace learning and illuminates some challenges that were recognized during the pilot project. One main challenge was findingworkplaces that wanted to participate in the apprenticeship training. Another concerned the production of the participating workplaces which was commonly not broad enough to give a wide VET education according to the curriculum requirements. A third main challenge was the supervision and guiding structures at the workplaces. The study concludes that there were fundamental differences in the quality of the Apprenticeship Education. It is also concluded that Apprenticeship Education has great potentials if accessible resources are provided – in schools as well as at workplaces.
978-3-643-90352-5 / Link / Berglund , Ingrid / 2013

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Brosig , Benjamin / 2012

This thesis is focused on the development of new palladium and copper-mediated reactions for functionalization of alkenes and propargylic alcohol derivatives. We have developed an efficient procedure for the synthesis of allenyl and propargyl boronate from propargylic carbonates and acetates. The reactions were performed under mild conditions for the synthesis of a variety of allenyl boronates. We have also observed a switch of regioselectivity for the formation of propargylic boronates using CuCl as a co-catalyst. This is, as far as we know, the first metal-catalyzed reaction for the synthesis of propargylic boronates. Furthermore, the synthesis of 1,2-diborylated butadienes was achieved with high diastereoselectivity from propargylic epoxides. A wide variety of propargylic epoxides could be converted to the corresponding dienes and this is the first catalytic protocol to form 1,2-diborylated butadienes.We have also studied the copper-mediated trifluoromethylation of propargylic halides and trifluoroacetates. Depending on the temperature, two different regioselective outcomes were observed. It was also shown that a transfer of chirality occurred when an enantioenriched starting material was used.In the last part of the thesis, we have described a method for palladium-catalyzed functionalization of allylic C-H bonds for selective synthesis of allylic silanes. The reaction is regioselective and gives only the linear allylic silane. The protocol only works under highly oxidative conditions which suggest a mechanism involving high oxidation state palladium intermediates.
N/A / Link / Zhao , Tony S. N. / 2014

N/A / Link / Shoai , Randy / 2014

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
We study the problem of mining poly-regions in DNA. A poly-region is defined as a bursty DNA area, i.e., area of elevated frequency of a DNA pattern. We introduce a general formulation that covers a range of meaningful types of poly-regions and develop three efficient detection methods. The first applies recursive segmentation and is entropy-based. The second uses a set of sliding windows that summarize each sequence segment using several statistics. Finally, the third employs a technique based on majority vote. The proposed algorithms are tested on DNA sequences of four different organisms in terms of recall and runtime.
N/A / Link / Papapetrou , Panagiotis / 2012

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Ludwigs , Marina / 2004

In O Olho de Hertzog (2010), set in the immediate aftermath ofthe First World War, the Mozambican writer João Paulo Borges Coelho presentsa cosmopolitan panorama of colonial south-eastern Africa. «Mozambique» emergeshere not primarily as a Portuguese colonial space but as a site of multipleentanglements between interests: transnational and local, European and African,South African and Mozambican, British and German, colonial and proto-nationalist.In such a way, and differently from previous Mozambican literature, O Olhode Hertzog performs a complex act of worlding that exceeds the bounded colonial/national space of Mozambique, but resists synthesis. This cosmopolitanismcan be read expressive of the strained relations and constitutive hierarchies ofcolonial society as well as, by implication, of contemporary globalisation. Themost important index of such a critical cosmopolitanism is the trope of the «twoworlds» of Lourenço Marques, embodied in the central character João Albasini,legendary mestiço activist and founder of the proto-nationalist journal O BradoAfricano (1918-1974). Albasini functions as a Virgil for the protagonist HansMahrenholz’s descent into the colonial inferno of Mozambique. Not least byciting documentary material –Albasini’s editorials and shop signs in LourençoMarques– Coelho problematises the divisions of the colonial city, sustained byinternational capital, and provides a sharp contrast to the otherwise dominant«European» narrative of novel, which revolves around a fabled diamond andwhite South African intrigue.
N/A / Link / Helgesson , Stefan / 2013

The single crystal of the extra-large pore zeolite, ITQ-33, was obtained and used to explore its crystal structure details. The ITQ-33 structure was found to be disordered with the columnar periodic building unit, explaining the morphology changes upon the different Si/Ge ratio, and the formation of the hierarchical structure from assembling of ITQ-33 nanofibers.
N/A / Link / Liu , Leifeng / 2013

Stockholms universitet Nederländska
Artikeln handlar om den flamländske (nederländskspråkige) författaren Hubert Lampo, speciellt hans novell "De geliefden van Falun" (De älskande från Falun), som inte finns översatt till svenska. Novellen utspelar sig i Sverige, främst i Dalarna (Rättvik och Falun).
N/A / Link / Östberg , Urban / 1996

Södertörns högskola Genus
91-44-01557-7 / Link / Lennerhed , Lena / 2001

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
Low dimensional semiconductor structures are modeled using techniques from the field of many-body atomic physics. B-splines are used to create a one-particle basis, used to solve the more complex many-body problems. Details on methods such as the Configuration Interaction (CI), Many-Body Perturbation Theory (MBPT) and Coupled Cluster (CC) are discussed. Results from the CC singles and doubles method are compared to other high-precision methods for the circular harmonic oscillator quantum dot. The results show a good agreement for the energy of many-body states of up to 12 electrons.Properties of elliptical quantum dots, circular quantum dots, quantum rings and concentric quantum rings are all reviewed. The effects of tilted external magnetic fields applied to the elliptical dot are discussed, and the energy splitting between the lowest singlet and triplet states is explored for varying geometrical properties. Results are compared to experimental energy splittings for the same system containing 2 electrons.
N/A / Link / Wesslén , Carl-Johan / 2014

We introduce a strategy to estimate the size of clusters of recoupled homonuclear half-integer quadrupolar nuclei under magic-angle spinning (MAS) conditions, by combining double-quantum (2Q) sideband NMR experiments with an approximate numerical analysis based on the summation of all spin-pairs present over a given radius of the structure. The experiment relies solely on the evolution of homonuclear 2Q coherences (2QC) among the central-transitions (CT) of half-integer spins and is suitable for probing clusters in network structures, such as those encountered in large groups of oxide-based materials. Experimental B-11, Na-23 and Al-27 NMR results are presented on bis(catecholato)diboron, Na2SO4 and Al2O3, respectively; in each case, the growth of the spin-cluster size was monitored from a series of experiments that employed progressively lengthened 2QC excitation intervals. Our new approach is the first option for probing larger constellations of half-integer spins; it provides similar information as the multiple-quantum spin counting experiment, which is well-established for spin-1/2 applications but has hitherto not been demonstrated for half-integer spins undergoing MAS. We also discuss various options for determining the internuclear distance within a (nearly) isolated pair of half-integer spins by comparing the experimental 2Q sideband NMR spectra with results from numerical simulations involving various degrees of approximation.
N/A / Link / Brinkmann , Andreas / 2014

Crystallisation is at the heart of various scientific disciplines, but still the understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying phase separation and the formation of the first solid particles in aqueous solution is rather limited. In this review, classical nucleation theory, as well as established concepts of spinodal decomposition and liquid-liquid demixing, is introduced together with a description of the recently proposed pre-nucleation cluster pathway. The features of pre-nucleation clusters are presented and discussed in relation to recent modifications of the classical and established models for phase separation, together with a review of experimental work and computer simulations on the characteristics of pre-nucleation clusters of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, iron(oxy)(hydr) oxide, silica, and also amino acids as an example of small organic molecules. The role of pre-nucleation clusters as solute precursors in the emergence of a new phase is summarized, and the link between the chemical speciation of homogeneous solutions and the process of phase separation via pre-nucleation clusters is highlighted.
N/A / Link / Gebauer , Denis / 2014

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
A common characteristic of the theoretical developments within the field of social media marketing is that activities to which consumers devote themselves in social media settings shift power from firms to consumers. Extant literature has therefore analysed the practices of consumers within social media and their potential implications for marketing. The current state of social media, however, suggests that these settings are undergoing a process of transformation. Although social media were initially characterised as non-commercial in nature, firms have started to manage interactions within these digital landscapes. From initially being characterised by its social base, this development implies that social media have become increasingly commercialised.The aim of this dissertation is to expand the literature on social media by describing the process through which they evolve from their initially social character to a commercial utility. More specifically, it seeks to develop a conceptual framework that captures the role of marketing processes that lead to the commercialisation of these spheres. This is done mainly through a netnographic study of the Swedish fashion blogosphere in order to explain how and why consumers and professionals interact, organise, create and appropriate commercial values in the fashion blogosphere.Drawing on theory of spheres, this dissertation proposes a sphereological understanding of social media that expands the role of marketing. It is suggested that social media may be understood as a collection of micro-spheres that, together, comprise a densely connected foam of spatiality and place. In these spheres, consumers, together with commercial actors, take part in practices that become increasingly commercial. In that sense, marketing takes the roles of navigating social media in search of symbolic meanings of value, and of affecting, negotiating and redefining atmospheres of places in the social media landscape.
978-91-7447-769-6 / Link / Laurell , Christofer / 2014

There is a globalization trend in teacher education, emphasizing the role of teachers to make judgments based on human rights in their teaching profession. Rather than emphasizing the epistemological dimension of acquiring knowledge about human rights through teacher education, an ontological dimension is emphasized in this paper of what it means to become a professional teacher. An ontological dimension of ‘learning to become’ can be captured in critical examination of a cosmopolitan awareness of teachers in relation to judgment and justice. I read the critique through studies on human rights in teacher education, which transforms notions of openness and respect in relations marked by difference.
N/A / Link / Adami , Rebecca / 2014

Human rights are today criticized as not compatible with different cultural values and the debate has circulated around Asian values and Islamic values as in dichotomy with human rights as universal ethics (Ignatieff, 2003). The theoretical dichotomy between universality and particularity is questioned pragmatically in this paper through a historical study. The working process of drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1946-48, which included thousands of people, is explored as a cosmopolitan space in which individuals from different cultural contexts met to negotiate human rights through cultural narratives. The process where particular values were negotiated with universal notion on human rights resulted in a common proclamation (UDHR) without a common philosophical or ideological ground. This paper puts forth a thesis that human rights discourse can work as a cosmopolitan space, in which particular value systems meet in processes characterized by conflict and cohesion. Hence human rights can be understood as a master narrative compatible with different conflicting cultural narratives (Gibson & Somers, 1994).
N/A / Link / Adami , Rebecca / 2012

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Sipos Zackrisson , Katarina / 2011

Stockholms universitet Nederländska
Artikeln handlar om de första stora svensk-nederländska och nederländsk-svenska ordböckerna, utgivna i samarbete mellan fyra länder (Sverige, Finland, Nederländerna och Belgien).
N/A / Link / Östberg , Urban / 1997

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Sipos Zackrisson , Katarina / 2013

A new open-framework germanate, denoted as GeO-JU90, was prepared by the hydrothermal synthesis method using 1,5-bis(methylpyrrolidinium)pentane dihydroxide as the organic structure-directing agent (SDA). The structure of GeO-JU90 was determined from synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) data using the charge-flipping algorithm. It revealed a complicated framework structure containing 11 Ge atoms in the asymmetric unit. The framework is built of 7-connected Ge-7 clusters and additional tetrahedral GeO3(OH) units forming a new three-dimensional interrupted framework with interesting 12 X 12 X 11-ring intersecting channels. The Ge K-edge extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) analysis was performed to provide the local structural information around Ge atoms, giving rise to a first-shell contribution from about 4.2(2) O atoms at the average distance of 1.750(8) angstrom. The guest species subsequently determined by the simulated annealing method from XRPD data combining with other characterization techniques, e.g., C-13 NMR spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), compositional analyses, and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). Crystallographic data vertical bar(C15N2H32)(NH4)vertical bar[Ge11O21.5(OH)(4)], orthorhombic Ama2 (No. 40), a = 37.82959 angstrom, b = 15.24373 angstrom, c = 12.83659 angstrom, and Z = 8.
N/A / Link / Xu , Yan / 2013

Porous NOTT-202a shows exceptionally high uptake of SO2, 13.6 mmol g(-1) (87.0 wt %) at 268 K and 1.0 bar, representing the highest value reported to date for a framework material. NOTT-202a undergoes a distinct irreversible framework phase transition upon SO2 uptake at 268-283 K to give NOTT-202b which has enhanced stability due to the formation of strong pi...pi interactions between interpenetrated networks.
N/A / Link / Yang , Sihai / 2013