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Stockholms universitet Övrigt
9780421729407 / Link / Axhamn , Johan / 2010

9781107628717 / Link / Lyberg , Lars / 2014

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
9789186797140 / Link / Ahrne , Göran / 2014

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
Measures aimed at conservation or restoration of ecosystems are often seen as net-cost projects by governments and businesses because they are based on incomplete and often faulty cost-benefit analyses. After screening over 200 studies, we examined the costs (94 studies) and benefits (225 studies) of ecosystem restoration projects that had sufficient reliable data in 9 different biomes ranging from coral reefs to tropical forests. Costs included capital investment and maintenance of the restoration project, and benefits were based on the monetary value of the total bundle of ecosystem services provided by the restored ecosystem. Assuming restoration is always imperfect and benefits attain only 75% of the maximum value of the reference systems over 20 years, we calculated the net present value at the social discount rates of 2% and 8%. We also conducted 2 threshold cum sensitivity analyses. Benefit-cost ratios ranged from about 0.05:1 (coral reefs and coastal systems, worst-case scenario) to as much as 35:1 (grasslands, best-case scenario). Our results provide only partial estimates of benefits at one point in time and reflect the lower limit of the welfare benefits of ecosystem restoration because both scarcity of and demand for ecosystem services is increasing and new benefits of natural ecosystems and biological diversity are being discovered. Nonetheless, when accounting for even the incomplete range of known benefits through the use of static estimates that fail to capture rising values, the majority of the restoration projects we analyzed provided net benefits and should be considered not only as profitable but also as high-yielding investments.
N/A / Link / De Groot , Rudolf S. / 2013

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
9789186797140 / Link / Sundström , Göran / 2014

Frequent climatic shocks have presented challenges for rainfed agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. Appropriate water management practices are among the solutions to the challenges. The role of water harvesting in achieving sustainable agricultural intensification and specified resilience was explored. Suitable areas for water harvesting in the Upper Blue Nile basin were identified. The usefulness of the Curve Number method for surface runoff estimation was evaluated, and was found to perform satisfactorily. The impact of climate change in the Lake Tana sub-basin was studied. A decision support system was developed for locating and sizing of water harvesting ponds in the SWAT model. Methodological developments enabled analysis of the implications of water harvesting intensification in a meso-scale watershed in the Lake Tana sub-basin.Results suggest that water harvesting can increase agricultural productivity, sustain ecosystems and build specified resilience, and thereby contribute to sustainable agricultural intensification. There is considerable potential for water harvesting in the Upper Blue Nile Basin. Rainfall may increase in the Lake Tana sub-basin due to climate change. Supplementary irrigation from water harvesting ponds and better nutrient application increased staple crop production by up to three-fold. Moreover, a substantial amount of cash crop was produced using dry seasonal irrigation. Water harvesting altered the streamflow regime, and reduced sediment loss from the watershed.      Water harvesting can play an important role in food security. It showed potential to buffer climatic variability. In the watershed studied, water harvesting will not compromise the environmental water requirements. Instead, increased low flows, and reduced flooding and sediment loss may benefit the social-ecological systems. The adverse effects of disturbance of the natural flow variability and sediment influx to certain riverine ecosystems warrant detailed investigation.
978-91-7447-914-0 / Link / Dile , Yihun / 2014

Södertörns högskola Övrigt
91-88568-05-9 / Link / Ström , Annika / 1995

Motivation: Isotope trace (IT) detection is a fundamental step for liquid or gas chromatography mass spectrometry (XC-MS) data analysis that faces a multitude of technical challenges on complex samples. The Kalman filter (KF) application to IT detection addresses some of these challenges; it discriminates closely eluting ITs in the m/z dimension, flexibly handles heteroscedastic m/z variances and does not bin the m/z axis. Yet, the behavior of this KF application has not been fully characterized, as no cost-free open-source implementation exists and incomplete evaluation standards for IT detection persist.Results: Massifquant is an open-source solution for KF IT detection that has been subjected to novel and rigorous methods of performance evaluation. The presented evaluation with accompanying annotations and optimization guide sets a new standard for comparative IT detection. Compared with centWave, matchedFilter and MZMine2-alternative IT detection engines-Massifquant detected more true ITs in a real LC-MS complex sample, especially low-intensity ITs. It also offers competitive specificity and equally effective quantitation accuracy.
N/A / Link / Conley , Christopher J. / 2014

Södertörns högskola Historieämnen
N/A / Link / Östberg , Kjell / 2005

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
Suppose that red and blue points occur in $\mathbb{R}^d$ according to two simple point processes  with finite intensities $\lambda_{\mathcal{R}}$ and $\lambda_{\mathcal{B}}$, respectively. Furthermore, let $\nu$ and $\mu $ be two probability distributions on the strictly positive integers with means $\bar{\nu}$ and $\bar{\mu}$, respectively. Assign independently a random number of stubs (half-edges) to each red (blue) point with law $\nu$ ($\mu$).  We are interested in translation-invariant schemes for matching stubs between points of different colors in order to obtain random bipartite graphs in which each point has a  prescribed degree distribution with law $\nu$ or $\mu$ depending on its color. For a large class of point processes we show that such translation-invariant schemes matching a.s. all stubs are possible if and only if\[   \lambda_{\mathcal{R}} \bar{\nu}= \lambda_{\mathcal{B}} \bar{\mu}, \]also including the case when $\bar{\nu}=\bar{\mu}=\infty$ so that both sides are infinite. Furthermore, we study a particular scheme based on the Gale-Shapley stable marriage problem. For this scheme we give sufficient conditions on $\nu$ and $\mu$ for the presence and absence of infinite components. These results are  two-color versions of those obtained by Deijfen, Holroyd and H\"{a}ggstr\"{o}m.
N/A / Link / Lopes , Fabio / 2014

N/A / Link / von Heland , Franciska /

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
Understanding public perceptions of climate change is fundamental to both climate science and policy because it defines local and global socio-political contexts within which policy makers and scientists operate. To date, most studies addressing climate change perceptions have been place-based. While such research is informative, comparative studies across sites are important for building generalized theory around why and how people understand and interpret climate change and associated risks. This paper presents a cross-sectional study from six different country contexts to illustrate a novel comparative approach to unraveling the complexities of local vs global perceptions around climate change. We extract and compare 'cultural knowledge' regarding climate change using the theory of 'culture as consensus'. To demonstrate the value of this approach, we examine cross-national data to see if people within specific and diverse places share ideas about global climate change. Findings show that although data was collected using ethnographically derived items collected through place-based methods we still find evidence of a shared cultural model of climate change which spans the diverse sites in the six countries. Moreover, there are specific signs of climate change which appear to be recognized cross-culturally. In addition, results show that being female and having a higher education are both likely to have a positive effect on global cultural competency of individuals. We discuss these result in the context of literature on environmental perceptions and propose that people with higher education are more likely to share common perceptions about climate change across cultures and tentatively suggest that we appear to see the emergence of a 'global', cross-cultural mental model around climate change and its potential impacts which in itself is linked to higher education.
N/A / Link / Crona , Beatrice / 2013

N/A / Link / Axhamn , Johan / 2007

Stockholms universitet Pedagogik
Artikeln diskuterar fyra tolkningar av pedagogikämnet som tillämpad vetenskap samt olika former för att integrera kunskaper från olika forskningsfält i mångvetenskaplig samverkan.
9789189444300 / Link / Wistedt , Inger / 2009

This article investigates the recent ‘New Materialisms’ turn in social and politicalthought and asks what the potential theoretical and methodological significance might be forthe study of International Relations (IR). To do so we return to debates about the theoreticalstatus of discourse in IR as it is in this context that the question of materiality – particularly asit relates to language – has featured prominently in recent years. While the concept of discourseis increasingly narrow in IR, the ‘New Materialisms’ literature emphasises the politicalforce of materiality beyond language and representation. However, a move to reprioritise thepolitics of materiality over that of language and representation is equally problematic sinceit perpetuates rather than challenges the notion of a prior distinction between language andmateriality. In response, we draw on earlier poststructural thought in order to displace thisdichotomy and articulate an extended understanding of what analysing ‘discourse’ mightmean in the study of IR.
N/A / Link / Lundborg , Tom /

Södertörns högskola Historieämnen
978-5801500386 / Link / Carlbäck , Helene / 1999

Growing a resilient landscape depends heavily on finding an appropriate match between the scales of demands on ecosystems by human societies and the scales at which ecosystems are capable of meeting these demands. While the dynamics of environmental change and ecosystem service provision form the basis of many landscape ecology studies, enhancing landscape resilience is, in many ways, a problem of establishing relevant institutions that act at appropriate scales to modify and moderate demand for ecosystem services and the resulting exploitation of ecosystems. It is also of central importance for landscape sustainability that institutions are flexible enough to adapt to changes in the external environment. The model provided by natural ecosystems suggests that it is only by encouraging and testing a diversity of approaches that we will be able to build landscapes that are resilient to future change. We advocate an approach to landscape planning that involves growing learning institutions on the one hand, and on the other, developing solutions to current problems through deliberate experimentation coupled with social learning processes.
N/A / Link / Cumming , Graeme S. / 2013

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
9789170611490 / Link / Sundevall , Fia / 2014

Stockholms universitet Arkeologiämnen
9189242165 / Link / Söderlind , Ulrica / 2009

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Axhamn , Johan / 2008

Utredaren har övervägt åtgärder för att stimulera utvecklingen av konsumentvänliga lagliga alternativ för tillgång till framför allt musik och film på Internet.I promeorian skriver utredaren bl.a. att konsumentskyddslagstiftningen inte är tillämplig på handel med digitala produkter när produkterna levereras elektroniskt. Ett konsumentskydd motsvarande det som finns i konsumentköp- och konsumentjänstlagen bör därför införas för dessa slag av avtal.Ett införande av en "bredbandsavgift", som i praktiken innebär en utvidgning av systemet med kassettersättning eller införandet av tvångslicens, är enligt utredarens bedömning inte önskvärd.Utredaren föreslår att en referensgrupp med representanter för Regeringskansliet, nättjänster och rättighetshavare bör tillsättas för att utarbeta förslag till informations- och utbildningsinsatser. Gruppen bör också följa upp insatserna för att främja användarvänligheten. De omfattande intrång som olovlig fildelning gör i upphovsrättigheter är enligt utredarens bedömning ett betydande hinder för investeringsviljan i, och utvecklingen av, de lagliga alternativen. Därför föreslås att Internetleverantören ska kunna vitesföreläggas att vidta åtgärder, t.ex. säga upp avtalet med abonnenten, för att hindra fortsatta intrång med hjälp av den tjänst Internetleverantören tillhandahåller. Abonnentens intresse av att behålla uppkopplingen ska beaktas vid bedömningen av om avtalet får sägas upp och om ett föreläggande ska meddelas.
9789138227909 / Link / Axhamn , Johan / 2007

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
978-91-86365-42-4 / Link / Sundevall , Fia / 2011

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
9789186797140 / Link / Furusten , Staffan / 2014

Data scarcity has been a huge problem in modeling the water resources of the Upper Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia. Satellite data and different statistical methods have been used to improve the quality of conventional meteorological data. This study assesses the applicability of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction's Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR) climate data in modeling the hydrology of the region. The Soil and Water Assessment Tool was set up to compare the performance of CFSR weather with that of conventional weather in simulating observed streamflow at four river gauging stations in the Lake Tana basin — the upper part of the Upper Blue Nile basin. The conventional weather simulation performed satisfactorily (e.g., NSE ≥ 0.5) for three gauging stations, while the CFSR weather simulation performed satisfactorily for two. The simulations with CFSR and conventional weather yielded minor differences in the water balance components in all but one watershed, where the CFSR weather simulation gave much higher average annual rainfall, resulting in higher water balance components. Both weather simulations gave similar annual crop yields in the four administrative zones. Overall the simulation with the conventional weather performed better than the CFSR weather. However, in data-scarce regions such as remote parts of the Upper Blue Nile basin, CFSR weather could be a valuable option for hydrological predictions where conventional gauges are not available.
N/A / Link / Dile , Yihun Taddele / 2014

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
978-0-230-28017-5 / Link / Olsson , Per / 2011

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Roos , Jan-Erik / 2011

Södertörns högskola Övrigt
951-41-0924-4 / Link / Ström , Annika / 2003

In recent years, the ability to make available, locate and access copyright protected content over the Internet has increased considerably. Some business models are directly aimed at linking or locating content already made available by other services. Such business models may create value for end users by making it easier to locate and find content on the Internet, but at the same time, they may be deemed to appropriate value from the rightholders or their service providers. In some cases, this has led to tensions and even litigations between the providers of these new business models and the rightholders or their service providers. These tensions are reflections of the underlying policy concerns inherent in the field of copyright law on the necessity to strike a fair balance between the protection of creative content and measures to foster its dissemination. This article will discuss, analyse and draw conclusions from two recent cases from the Court of Justice of the European Union on Internet linking and meta search engines, Svensson and Others and Innoweb, and relate them to the underlying policy concerns in copyright law.
9783319081168 / Link / Axhamn , Johan / 2014