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Uppsala universitet Övrigt
978-0-521-88566-9 / Link / Jarstad , Anna K / 2008

Uppsala universitet Statsvetenskap
978-91-47-08870-6 / Link / Karlsson , Christer / 2008

Uppsala universitet Statsvetenskap
978-91-47-08870-6 / Link / Karlsson , Christer / 2008

Varje år i mars håller Kinas parlament, Nationella folkkongressen, sitt möte. Liknande möten hålls också bland folkkongresser på lägre nivåer. Folkkongresserna har kallats gummistämplar, eftersom de bara ansetts godkänna kommunistpartiets beslut. Men en viss förändring av deras roll har trots allt skett efterhand.
N/A / Link / Almén , Oscar / 2008

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
978-91-554-7128-6 / Link / Algotsson , karl-Göran / 2008

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Ohlson , Thomas / 2008

Uppsala universitet Företagsekonomi
Avhandlingen beskriver inledningsvis de identifierade problem som den  1 januari 2006 ledde till att en gemensam nämnd och ett därunder verkande vårdgivande aktiebolag bolag bildades i Norrtälje. Syftet med omorganiseringen var att genom samverkan mellan kommun och landsting på den övergripande politiska nivån samt genom samverkan på implementeringsnivå öka effektiviteten på sjukvårds- och omsorgsområdet för mer än 50 000 norrtäljebor.Organisationsutformningen den 1 januari 2008 beskrivs och det därtill kopplade styrsystemet beskrivs och granskas kritiskt med fokus på effektivitet och samverkan med hjälp av en induktivt utvecklad modell baserad på 9 M.Därefter skissas på hur effektivitetsuppföljningar möjliggörs, på såväl bolags- som samhällsnivå, genom att kombinera utfall av främst mått, mätetal, muntlig uppföljning samt medarbetar- och medborgarenkäter.Avslutningsvis skissas på hur effektiviteten inom sektorn eventuellt skulle kunna ökas genom att tänka i nya banor. Sättet att tilldela medel och uppföljningen av mål - på verksamhetsområdesnivå och på ettårsbasis -identifieras som kritiska variabler för att målsättningen, en effektiv vårdkedja, ska kunna implementeras. 
N/A / Link / Collman , Kerstin / 2008

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Strashilov , V / 2005

Uppsala universitet Historieämnen
978-91-44-04438-5 / Link / Müller , Leos / 2007

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is characterized by snoring, apneas and excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS). Obesity is a risk factor for snoring and sleep apnea, but data on other factors in relation to obesity are ambiguous. Symptoms of sleep apnea in women have not been fully elucidated. OSAS is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). A common feature in patients with CVD and sleep apnea is an increase in systemic inflammation.From the general population 7,051 women ≥ 20 years answered a questionnaire on snoring and sleep disturbances. Habitual snoring was found in 8% of the total population, and influenced by age, obesity and smoking. The highest prevalence (14%) was found in women 50-59 years. In lean women, alcohol dependence was associated with snoring, while physical inactivity was a risk factor for snoring in obese women.Further, 230 snoring women and 170 women regardless of snoring status were investigated with polysomnography, blood sampling and anthropometric measurements. Of these, 132 participants underwent an ocular and endoscopic examination of their upper airways. Several findings in the upper airways characterised normal-weight women with an apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) ≥ 10. In women with BMI of > 25, no pharyngeal characteristics predicted sleep apnea.When adjusting for age, obesity, smoking, AHI and sleep parameters, several aspects of daytime sleepiness correlated to snoring independently of AHI (EDS, falling asleep involuntarily during day, waking up unrefreshed and fatigue). No symptoms correlated to AHI independently of snoring.Blood samples were analysed for systemic inflammation (CRP, TNFα, IL-6, myeloperoxidase (MPO) and lysozyme). Strong correlations were found between obesity and inflammatory markers. AHI and nocturnal hypoxia correlated to all markers except MPO. When adjusting for age, obesity and smoking, only IL-6 and TNFα were independently associated with nocturnal hypoxia.In conclusion, age and obesity influence the prevalence of snoring and sleep apnea in women from the general population. Other risk factors differ according to BMI. Daytime symptoms are independently related to snoring per se. Despite a strong correlation between obesity and inflammation, an independent relationship between sleep apnea and inflammatory markers was found.
978-91-554-7383-9 / Link / Svensson , Malin / 2008

Uppsala universitet Samhällsvetenskap
1-56000-299-9 / Link / Vedung , Evert / 1997

Uppsala universitet Nordiska Språk
N/A / Link / Nyström , Staffan / 2001

Uppsala universitet Medicinsk Informatik
In the light of an ageing society with shrinking economic resources, deinstitutionalization of elderly care is a general trend. As a result, homecare is increasing, and increasingly shared between different health and social care organizations. To provide a holistic overview about the patient care process, i.e. to be patient-centred, shared homecare needs to be integrated. This requires improved support for information sharing and cooperation between different actors, such as care professionals, patients and their relatives.The research objectives of this thesis are therefore to study information and communication needs for patient-centered shared homecare, to explore how integrated information and communication technology (ICT) can support information sharing, and to analyze how current standards for continuity of care and semantic interoperability meet requirements of patient-centered shared homecare.An action research approach, characterized by an iterative cycle, an emphasis on change and close collaboration with practitioners, patients and their relatives, was used. Studying one specific homecare setting closely, intersection points between involved actors and specific needs for information sharing were identified and described as shared information objects. An integration architecture making shared information objects available through integration of existing systems was designed and implemented. Mobile virtual health record (VHR) applications thereby enable a seamless flow of information between involved actors. These applications were tested and validated in the OLD@HOME-project. Moreover, the underlying information model for a shared care plan was mapped against current standards. Some important discrepancies were identified between these results and current standards for continuity of care, stressing the importance of evaluating standardized models against requirements of evolving healthcare contexts.In conclusion, this thesis gives important insights into the needs and requirements of shared homecare, enabling a shift towards patient-centered homecare through mobile access to aggregated information from current feeder systems and documentation at the point of need.
978-91-554-7390-7 / Link / Hägglund , Maria / 2009

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
978-91-5061995-9 / Link / Ohlson , Thomas / 2008

978-3-527-31876-6 / Link / Valizadeh , Sima / 2008

Uppsala universitet Freds- Och Konfliktforskning
978-0-415-41671-9 / Link / Nilsson , Desiree / 2008

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Vedung , Evert / 2008

In this thesis we study the standard probabilistic model for hashing with linear probing. The main purpose is to determine the asymptotic distribution for the maximum displacement. Depending on the ratio between the number of items and the number of cells, there are several cases to consider. Paper I solves the problem for the special case of almost full hash tables. That is, hash tables where every cell but one is occupied. Paper II completes the analysis by solving the problem for all remaining cases. That is, for every case where the number of items divided by the number of cells lies in the interval [0,1].The last two papers treat quite different topics. Paper III studies the area covered by the supremum process of Brownian motion. One of the main theorems in Paper I is expressed in terms of the Laplace transform of this area. Paper IV provides a new sufficient condition for a collection of independent random variables to be negatively associated when conditioned on their total sum. The condition applies to a collection of independent Borel-distributed random variables, which made it possible to prove a Poisson approximation that where essential for the completion of Paper II.
978-91-506-2050-4 / Link / Petersson , Niclas / 2009

Uppsala universitet Bildanalys
Light microscopes are essential research tools in biology and medicine. Cell and tissue staining methods have improved immensely over the years and microscopes are now equipped with digital image acquisition capabilities. The image data produced require development of specialized analysis methods. This thesis presents digital image analysis methods for cell image data in 2D, 3D and time sequences.Stem cells have the capability to differentiate into specific cell types. The mechanism behind differentiation can be studied by tracking cells over time. This thesis presents a combined segmentation and tracking algorithm for time sequence images of neural stem cells.The method handles splitting and merging of cells and the results are similar to those achieved by manual tracking.Methods for detecting and localizing signals from fluorescence stained biomolecules are essential when studying how they function and interact. A study of Smad proteins, that serve as transcription factors by forming complexes and enter the cell nucleus, is included in the thesis. Confocal microscopy images of cell nuclei are delineated using gradient information, and Smad complexes are localized using a novel method for 3D signal detection. Thus, the localization of Smad complexes in relation to the nuclear membrane can be analyzed. A detailed comparison between the proposed and previous methods for detection of point-source signals is presented, showing that the proposed method has better resolving power and is more robust to noise.In this thesis, it is also shown how cell confluence can be measured by classification of wavelet based texture features. Monitoring cell confluence is valuable for optimization of cell culture parameters and cell harvest. The results obtained agree with visual observations and provide an efficient approach to monitor cell confluence and detect necrosis.Quantitative measurements on cells are important in both cytology and histology. The color provided by Pap (Papanicolaou) staining increases the available image information. The thesis explores different color spaces of Pap smear images from thyroid nodules, with the aim of finding the representation that maximizes detection of malignancies using color information in addition to quantitative morphological parameters.The presented methods provide useful tools for cell image analysis, but they can of course also be used for other image analysis applications.
978-91-554-7398-3 / Link / Pinidiyaarachchi , Amalka / 2009

The store-operated pathway for Ca2+ entry was studied in individual mouse pancreatic β-cells by measuring the cytoplasmic concentrations of Ca2+ ([Ca2+]i) and Mn2+ ([Mn2+]i) with the fluorescent indicator fura-2. Influx through the store-operated pathway was initially shut off by pre-exposure to 20 mM glucose, which maximally stimulates intracellular Ca2+ sequestration. To avoid interference with voltage-dependent Ca2+ entry the cells were hyperpolarized with diazoxide and the channel blocker methoxyverapamil was present. Activation of the store-operated pathway in response to Ca2+ depletion of the endoplasmic reticulum was estimated from the sustained elevation of [Ca2+]i or from the rate of increase in [Mn2+]i due to influx of these extracellular ions. Increasing concentrations of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-generating agonist carbachol or the sarco(endo)plasmatic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase inhibitor cyclopiazonic acid (CPA) cause gradual activation of the store-operated pathway. In addition, the carbachol- and CPA-induced influx of Mn2+ depended on store filling in a graded manner. The store-operated influx of Ca2+/Mn2+ was inhibited by Gd3+ and 2-aminoethoxydiphenyl borate but neither of these agents discriminated between store-operated and voltage-dependent entry. The finely tuned regulation of the store-operated mechanisms in the β-cell has direct implications for the control of membrane potential and insulin secretion.
N/A / Link / Dyachok , Oleg / 2001

Uppsala universitet Nordiska Språk
This dissertation investigates the communication of immigrants employed at a Swedish hospital. The overall aim is to find factors that have a positive effect on their integration into the workplace. The data comprise observations, field notes and approximately 80 hours of audio recordings with five second language speakers made during their everyday activities at work. Since entire workdays have been recorded the data include both professional and social interaction, such as meetings, interaction with patients and small talk between colleagues. In preparation for the case studies a number of interviews were conducted at the hospital and they gave valuable knowledge about the hospital routines and how second language speakers experience their communicative situation.The five participants in the case studies are one male cleaner from Tanzania, two female nurses, one from Iran and one from Lebanon, and two female physicians, one from Hungary and one from Lithuania. The number of years spent in Sweden varies from 4 to 18.The analyses focus on communication strategies, humor and medical case rounds. The results show that lack of language skills is not a hindrance since the participants make use of different strategies to solve language problems. The dissertation also shows that, despite the difficulties and risks involved in the use of humor, the participants do so as a way of showing collegiality. The analysis of case rounds show that the participants are treated as equal interlocutors and contribute as much to the conversation as the first language speakers do. The results indicate, with a few exceptions, successful integration of the participants.Finally, the dissertation argues that a multicultural and multilingual staff is a positive feature since their skills in other languages can be used in ways that both save time and are of economic benefit to the employer. It also argues that Swedish teaching should focus more on interactional skills, for example so that the second language speakers are better prepared to face the communicative challenges they encounter in a workplace.
978-91-506-2045-0 / Link / Andersson , Helena / 2009

N/A / Link / Mihranyan , Albert / 2007

Uppsala universitet Humaniora Och Religionsvetenskap
978-91-7844-744-2 / Link / Höghammar , Kerstin / 2007

N/A / Link / Strömberg , Mattias / 2007

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Zetterberg , Pär / 2007

N/A / Link / Widmalm , Sten / 2007