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Taking symmetric powers of varieties can be seen as a functor from the category of varieties to the category of varieties with an action by the symmetric group. We study a corresponding map between the Grothendieck groups of these categories. In particular, we derive a binomial formula and use it to give explicit expressions for the classes of universal quasi-split tori in the equivariant Grothendieck group of varieties.
N/A / Link / Bergh , Daniel /

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9789144067858 / Link / Åse , Cecilia / 2011

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978-91-40-68744-9 / Link / Lundström , Tommy / 2014

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9780195655919 / Link / Gustavsson , Bengt / 2001

978-1-62356-977-8 / Link / Beckman , Ludvig / 2014

N/A / Link / Elgan , Elisabeth / 2004

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N/A / Link / Sjöholm , Cecilia / 1987

Membrane proteins carry out functions such as nutrient uptake, ATP synthesis or transmembrane signal transduction. An increasing number of reports indicate that cellular processes are underpinned by regulated interactions between these proteins. Consequently, functional studies of these networks at a molecular level require co-reconstitution of the interacting components. Here, we report a SNARE protein-based method for incorporation of multiple membrane proteins into artificial membrane vesicles of well-defined composition, and for delivery of large water-soluble substrates into these vesicles. The approach is used for in vitro reconstruction of a fully functional bacterial respiratory chain from purified components. Furthermore, the method is used for functional incorporation of the entire F1F0 ATP synthase complex into native bacterial membranes from which this component had been genetically removed. The novel methodology offers a tool to investigate complex interaction networks between membrane-bound proteins at a molecular level, which is expected to generate functional insights into key cellular functions.
N/A / Link / Nordlund , Gustav / 2014

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
Mass media plays a central role in the continually changing public discourse on health and illness. In order to examine how shared knowledge is produced and transformed in mass media the ways mental health related issues were represented in the two major Swedish daily newspapers in 2009 were subjected to a qualitative analysis. Drawing on the theory of social representations the analysis focuses on how different perspectives are applied in the articles and how issues concerning mental health are represented. The results show that this discourse can be characterized as a dialogue with salient argumentative features: the perspectives of lay persons are supplemented by views of medical experts and others in what constitutes a field of contestation (Crossley 2006) where a number of conflicts are made explicit and central issues concerning both the nature of mental health/illness and authoritative knowledge are addressed. Representations of mental health and illness are characterised in terms of a tension between 'othering' and 'normalizing' representations. A tension between confidence/dependence and contestation/distrust is likewise found to characterise representations of expert knowledge. The results indicate an ambivalence regarding the authoritative role of expert knowledge concerning mental health as critique and expressions of distrust are juxtaposed with signs of confidence and dependence on professionals. The implications of the study applies to the relations between lay persons and 'psy-professionals' (Rose 1999) and the expectations that are placed on expert knowledge in a wide range of societal issues and in peoples’ everyday life.
N/A / Link / Ohlsson , Robert / 2014

We present a new class of coarse-grained (CG) force fields (FFs) for B-DNA with explicit ions suited for large-scale mesoscale simulations at microsecond micrometer scale using a wide spectrum of particle simulation methods from molecular dynamics to dissipative particle dynamics. The effective solvent-mediated pairwise interactions making up the FFs are obtained by inverting radial distribution functions and other particle particle distributions obtained from all-atom simulations of numbers of octadecamer DNA fragments from the Ascona B-DNA library. The inverse Monte Carlo (IMC) method, later known as Newton inversion (NI) (Lyubartsev, A. P.; Laaksonen, A. Phys. Rev. E, 1995, 52, 3730-3737), was used together with the iterative Boltzmann inversion (IBI) scheme to compute the effective CG potentials. We show that this systematic structure-based approach is capable of providing converged potentials that accurately reproduce the structural features of the underlying atomistic system within a few percents of relative difference. We also show that a simple one-site-per-nucleotide model with 10 intramolecular pair interaction potentials is able to reproduce key features of DNA, for example, the persistence length and its dependence on the ionic concentration, experimentally determined around 50 nm at physiological salt concentration.
N/A / Link / Naomé , Aymeric / 2014

Contemporary enterprises face strong pressures to increase competitiveness by engaging in alliances of several kinds. In a rapidly increasing degree, traditional organizational structures evolve towards online business using modern ICT – such as the Internet, semantic standards, process- and service-oriented architectures. For efficient applications of inter-organizational information systems, the alignment between business and ICT is a key factor. At the ICT level, Web services are used as the cornerstones for modeling the interaction points of Web applications. So far, development of Web services has focused on a technical perspective, such as the development of standards for message exchanges and service coordination. Thereby, business concepts, such as economic values exchanged among the cooperating actors, cannot be traced in Web service specifications. As a consequence, business and ICT models become difficult to keep aligned. To address this issue, we propose a MDA-based approach for design of software services which may be implemented using Web services and Web service coordinations. The proposal focuses on a value-explorative analysis and modeling of business services at the CIM level, and model transformations using UML 2 to the PIM level, by utilizing well-defined mappings.
9781616928742 / Link / Zdravkovic , Jelena / 2010

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In a highly interesting study, Dam and Dam-Jensen (2010) put forward the idea that the indicative and the subjunctive mood in Spanish complementizer phrases can be explained by the instructions they convey. The indicative instructs the addressee to locate the situation created by the verb relative to the situation of utterance, whereas the subjunctive instructs the addressee not to locate the situation described by the verb relative to the situation of utterance. Although this explanation is most appealing, the present paper argues that it also may create explanatory problems. Thus, it is claimed that the notion of dominion can explain the semantic meaning of the Spanish subjunctive mood. This verbal mood designates events that are located outside the conceptualizer’s dominion, either in terms of epistemic control or in terms of effective control.
N/A / Link / Vesterinen , Rainer / 2013

3-935556-79-9 / Link / Götz , Norbert / 2001

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This study investigates the credibility of the descriptions of pre-Christian cultic leadership and rituals in Snorri Sturluson’s Hakonar saga goda. The perspective is one taken from the study of the history of religions. By using a comparative method, one which combines source criticism and philology, ancient ideas may be detected even within Snorri’s reconstruction. Scholars have interpreted these ideas by setting them in a wider source context. Here it is argued that several ideas in Snorri’s description in Hakonar saga goda may be attested in sources which are closer to the Viking Age, such as Skaldic poetry, runic inscriptions and archaeological finds. For instance, the idea that political leaders such as kings and earls were involved in public cults may be one based on ancient traditions. Snorri, too, was probably on firm ground when he stated that the rulers (at least the king) were supposed to take part in certain rituals while attending sacrificial feasts: rituals such as drinking ceremonies and meal customs perhaps such as the eating of horseflesh. That these ceremonies sometimes took place in some kind of cultic building or banqueting hall, such as described by Snorri, seems also likely. It is emphasized, however, that some elements in his text must be seen as suspect, as Olaf Olsen, Ernst Walter and Klaus Duwel have noted. These elements include certain religious terms, as well as the act of making the sign of the hammer over the horn. Generally, however, it is argued that Hakonar saga goda, if treated with care, may still be used as a source for pre-Christian religion.
978-3-11-033632-0 / Link / Sundqvist , Olof / 2013

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N/A / Link / Rivarola Puntigliano , Andrés / 2014

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9789187515033 / Link / Sundqvist , Olof / 2014

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Whoa.nu started in 2000 as a community where the members could discuss all aspects of Hip-hop.The community became the most important place not only for discussions among members, but alsofor releasing free albums and songs to the public and for arranging events. The core of Whoa.nuwas still the community – the communicating environment of members developing as artists,audience and critics. Whoa.nu has not only been a place for individual's learning processes anddevelopment, but as much a place where Swedish Hip-hop has evolved and changed its regionalframes and by that its own identity. The aim of this paper is to present a beginnig analysis of thedevelopment of Whoa.nu as learning platform for hip-hop in Sweden based on interviews with thetwo administrators of the site as well as some news clips from when Whoa.nu stopped.. Twoquestions will be discussed: 1)How do the the interviewees describe the internal views of therelation between how Whoa.nu and Swedish hip-hop has changed through these 13 years presented,and 2) How are developments in what kind of educational communication that has been importantin Whoa.nu through the years presented? The paper is the first stage in a bigger project aboutWhoa.nu. The analysis will depart from a combination of a Deluezian and a Deweyan theoreticalperspectives. The methodology will be a nethnographically inspired approach where the primarysources will be texts from the forums, supplemented with interviews with participants. The researchwill bring insights into how musical learning can happen outside of institutions and also howSwedish hip-hop has grown from subculture to main stream.
N/A / Link / Thorgersen , Ketil / 2014

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
The thesis explores issues relating to transformative change in the context of marine governance in the Coral Triangle, and the effects of such change processes on policy, stakeholder relations and management activities. Paper 1 studies how change-oriented actors (institutional entrepreneurs) operating at the international level can introduce and purposefully navigate large-scalechange processes. Paper 2 studies the impact of resource inequality on multi-stakeholder collaboration, and tackles the literature of boundary work so as to increase its usefulness for understanding complex, multi-level governance initiatives. Paper 3 explores how narratives about the marine environment are entwined with and influence critical aspects of marine ecosystem governance such as resource allocation, day-to-day management actions, stakeholder relations, and long-term ecological monitoring. Paper 4 investigates how actors at the local level can capture opportunities at higher institutional levels while at the same time catalyzing local potential for change by focusing on the interplay between strategies,opportunity and context. The results show that institutional entrepreneurship requires understanding of how strategies can be matched with opportunity and context, for example by offering a way for other actors to address key priorities and add value to their organizations. The results also show that behind the scene organizing is often a precondition for the introduction of transformative change. Shifting the process from an informal track to a formal track where ideas about transformative change can be deliberated among a broader set ofstakeholders is thus a major challenge. Moreover, a strong narrative is key to successfully introducing and driving transformative change. In this sense, the ability to articulate and distribute a narrative which tells a compelling story about the broader system is critical. Finally, power dynamics are constantly at play in transformation processes due to resource asymmetries. The thesis shows that differences in resources may influence the credibility, legitimacy, and salience of transformative change.
978-91-7447-963-8 / Link / von Heland , Franciska / 2014

In this paper we have investigated how the central Arctic Ocean stratification responds to increasing or decreasing river runoff and precipitation. Using a state-of-the-art coupled ice-ocean circulation model we performed a number of sensitivity experiments which show a marked change both in the upper ocean salinity and the temperatures in the Atlantic water layer. A conceptual model of the Arctic Ocean is also introduced and comparedto the ocean circulation model. A key result from the conceptual model is a predicted shallowing of the halocline and the Atlantic water layer with an increased freshwater input, and vice versa. This is in agreement with the sen- sitivity experiments, however, the simulated changes in the Atlantic water layer temperature are not supported by the simple conceptual model. The changes in Atlantic water temperatures are particularly strong in the experiments with perturbed precipitation. We link these changes to a change in the upper ocean stability over the Barents Sea, induced by the freshwater input, leading to changes in temperature of the Atlantic water entering the central Arctic Ocean through St. Anna Trough. 
N/A / Link / Pemberton , Per /

Södertörns högskola Arkeologiämnen
N/A / Link / Rönnby , Johan / 2005

Södertörns högskola Historieämnen
91-37-11484-0 / Link / Stadin , Kekke / 1999

Södertörns högskola Historieämnen
N/A / Link / Götz , Norbert / 2002

Södertörns högskola Estetik
0-8047-4892-6 / Link / Sjöholm , Cecilia / 2004

Citizenship and residency are basic conditions for political inclusion in a democracy. However, if democracy is premised on the inclusion of everyone subject to collectively binding decisions, the relevance of either citizenship or residency for recognition as a member of the polity is uncertain. The aim of this paper is to specify the conditions for being subject to collective decisions in the sense relevant to democratic theory. Three conceptions of what it means to be subject to collectively binding decisions are identified and examined, referring to those subject to legal duties and legal powers or to those subject to legal duties and state institutions. The contrast between them is most clearly illustrated in relation to non-residents, those not present in the territory of the state. The extraterritorial dimension of the law thus highlights a fundamental ambiguity in the theory of democracy concerning the extension of political rights.
N/A / Link / Beckman , Ludvig / 2014

Södertörns högskola Pedagogik
In order to develop schools as intercultural learning environments, studies about the organisational culture of schools and leadership in a cultural context, are required. This article highlights the work of head teachers in multicultural schools and the development of new theories with regard to intercultural leadership. The study is based on interviews with head teachers in multiethnic schools and other leaders of multicultural organisations in Sweden. Based on the responses of the interviewees, I have identified three components of leadership: (1) an understanding of multiculturalism and an awareness of the need for developing multicultural schools; (2) the actions/behaviour of the head teacher as a leader; (3) the head teacher’s personal abilities, qualities or shortcomings with regard to intercultural work. All these factors are interdependent, so a head teacher cannot achieve more than his/her staff understands and allows, and the surroundings permit, and can only pursue issues that are considered problems in school. To actively lead multicultural school development, requires both an acceptance of one’s own ethnocentrism and a certain multicultural maturity among the staff. My conclusion is that intercultural leaders need to promote organisational learning: the whole organisation needs to share the goal of developing an intercultural learning environment.
N/A / Link / Lahdenperä , Pirjo / 2006

Södertörns högskola Filosofiämnen
N/A / Link / Sjöstrand , Björn / 2008

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N/A / Link / Mägi , Marika / 2008

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N/A / Link / Czaika , Otfried / 2009