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Uppsala universitet Datorlingvistik
N/A / Link / Megyesi , Beata / 2008

Uppsala universitet Kyrkohistoria
An obituary of the late professor in Church history at Uppsala University Alf Tergel (1935-2007). His career and authorship is presented and estimated.
N/A / Link / Bexell , Oloph / 2008

Uppsala universitet Kyrkovetenskap
The Vagaries of Edvard Evers’ Hymn on the TransfigurationA historical investigation of the entitled wellknown great and grandiose Swedish hymn for the Transfiguration day ”Our gaze is fixed upon the Holy Mountain”, written by Edvard Evers (1853-1919). It is proved that it is a result of drown-out pragmatic compromises by the author, and closely dependent on the Danish bishop Thomas Kingo’s (1634-1700) hymn ”Jeg løfter sjel og Øje op” (”I lift my soul and eyes to the shining mountain top”).
978-91-87976-29-2 / Link / Bexell , Oloph / 2008

Uppsala universitet Systematisk Teologi
N/A / Link / Bråkenhielm , Carl Reinhold / 2006

Uppsala universitet Medicin
AIM: To systematically review the literature on vascular injuries caused by acupuncture. METHOD: Systematic literature search in Medline and PubMed. RESULTS: Twentyone cases were identified and the majority developed symptoms in direct connection with the acupuncture treatment. Three patients died, two from pericardial tamponade and one from an aortoduodenal fistula. There were five more tamponades, seven pseudoaneurysms, two with ischaemia, two with venous thrombosis, one with compartment syndrome and one with bleeding. The two patients with ischaemia had remaining sequeleae. Information on follow-up was suboptimal with no information in nine patients. CONCLUSION: Vascular injuries are rare, bleeding and pseudoaneurysm dominating. Follow-up is insufficient in the hitherto published papers.
N/A / Link / Bergqvist , David / 2008

Uppsala universitet Kulturgeografi, Ekonomisk Geografi
Förlorade skatteintäkter, mindre dynamisk företagskultur, stangerande befolkningstillväxt och en dålig ortsimage. Det är realiteten för många landsortskommuner i dagens samhälle, detta har gjort att kommunerna tvingats börja se över sina möjligheter att marknadsföra sig för att få trenderna att vända. Men hur kan man gå till väga för att attrahera inflyttare till sin region eller kommun? Det är svårt att bedöma vad som är en bra modell för hur man kan marknadsföra sig, särskilt som det varit, och fortfarande är, svårt att säga om det ens har fungerat. En kommun där en marknadsföringskampanj verkar ha haft en positiv effekt är Tierp. Därför har vi försökt ge en fingervisning om hur man kan bedriva en sådan regionalkampanj valt Tierp som exempel. Vi jämförde regionens arbete med att förbättra sitt anseende med traditionella marknadsföringsbegrepp, i synnerhet begrepp relaterade till varumärkesskapande. Vi fann många likheter mellan hur arbetet hade bedrivits och de teorier som redan fanns om hur traditionellt marknadsföringsarbete kan bedrivas.
N/A / Link / Algerstam , Jens / 2009

Uppsala universitet Kognitionsforskning
Med så kallade haptiska displayer blir det möjligt att inte bara se, utan också röra vid digitala objekt. Tekniken kan användas för att skapa hjälpmedel åt synskadade, träna kirurgiska ingrepp och för att bättre förstå hur människans känsel fungerar.
N/A / Link / Jansson , Gunnar / 2009

N/A / Link / Delle , Martin / 2008

Uppsala universitet Urologi Och Andrologi
N/A / Link / Gårdmark , Truls / 2008

During the last decades, the Swedish education system has been in a process of restructuring, in terms of privatisation, marketisation, and deregulation. As a result, in 2001 a new teacher education reform was implemented. As a part of the three year long research project Teacher Educations: Recruitment and Professional Identies during Restructuring (LÄROM), 19 teacher educators were interviued on their experiences of teacher training/education from a professional perspective. The theoretical framework was derived frpm Bourdieu's praxeological theory. Results showed that from teacher educators' horizon, teacher education is percieved as "fragmentised", that academic knowledge "rules" over praxis based teacher knowledge, and a grater "distance" between educators and students has been created in the process. Seemingly there has been a shift from a predominatly oral teacher education culture, where legitimate teacher knowledge was presented in narrative form, to a textualised culture, where legitimate teacher knowledge is presented as texts inside a scientific and academic framework. A central conclusion was that developing a strong professional identity, was hard for student teachers aiming towards teacing in preschool or primary school settings, whereas professional identity development was easier for student teachers aiming at teacing as subject teachers in secondary or upper secondary school.
N/A / Link / Calander , Finn / 2004

Colonization of new species into an established community generally results in interspecific competition over resources between the colonist and existing members of the community. Interspecific competition has been suggested to influence extinction rates, population dynamics, community structure, niche differentiation and evolution. In this study, we observe possible interspecific competition over breeding sites resulting in niche differentiation and coexistence of Great Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo and Common Guillemots Uria aalge in a seabird cliff community. In Sweden, Great Cormorants have naturally increased and expanded during the last two decades. Here, we show that most Common Guillemots previously bred on cliff ledges with high roof heights before the studyisland was colonized by Great Cormorants, but are now mainly found breeding on cliff ledges with lower roof heights. A temporary decline in the Common Guillemot population coincided with the colonization event and we discuss the potential for this decline to be caused by increased nest-site competition combined with high nest-site fidelity.
N/A / Link / Hjernquist , Mårten B / 2005

This study investigates the usage of the singular verb for inanimate plural subjects diachronically as well as synchronically in order to find out whether this feature is on its way out of Modern Persian or not. The focus of the study is on Modern Persian, but it was found necessary to investigate the historical usage of singular verbs for inanimate plural subjects in Middle Persian and Classical Persian as well.
N/A / Link / Hashabeiky , Forogh / 2007

Uppsala universitet Kulturgeografi, Ekonomisk Geografi
0-7546-4187-2 / Link / Olsson , Gunnar / 2004

Uppsala universitet Religionsvetenskap/teologi
The present study deals with the ideological role of Aram according to their representation in Genesis-2 Kings. This investigation shows that the functions and picture of Aram are more often positive than not. Genesis establishes the kinship between Aram and Israel, the patriarchs being obviously Arameans. This concept serves as a background and legitimizes the description of Aram in the subsequent accounts.One may first observe the Aramean absence in Joshua. They are so to speak not needed in the context of the fulfillment. The conditions are different in Judges through to 2 Kings. The Arameans appear at thecrucial and pivotal situations of Israel/Judah. Similar to the other nations, they too have the function of the instrument that is present to effect the will of YHWH. Moreover, they have yet another function which distinguishes them, i.e. that of the confederated instrument. Aramean groups or individuals play the role of close collaborators to Elijah/Elisha and Jehu. They appear in these cases in order to effect YHWH's punishment on Israel, but they are never allowed to annihilate her. Aram, Israel's old and unconquered antagonist deserves therefore the epithet Enemy Friend.
91-22-01815-8 / Link / Axskjöld , Carl-Johan / 1998

Uppsala universitet Språkvetenskap
978-91-554-6988-7 / Link / Utas , Bo / 2007

 Two isolates of Aphanomyces astaci obtained from diseased white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) in Herefordshire, England were compared against representative isolates of three groups of the fungus found in Sweden and one from Spain by means of random amplification of polymorphic DNA (RAPD). The English isolates proved to be very similar to a Swedish strain which is considered to have been introduced from North America with shipments of the signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) from 1970 onwards, and has since spread to indigenous populations of noble crayfish (Astacus astacus). This strain has not been found to be involved in recent incidences of crayfish plague in Turkey and Spain. It is therefore most likely that at least some of the outbreaks of crayfish plague in England resulted from imports of P. leniusculus from northern Europe after 1970, or directly from North America.<!-- articleText -->
N/A / Link / Lilley , JH / 1997

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Jarblad , Andreas / 2007

This thesis describes the structure elucidation of drug metabolites in biological samples by the use of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) atmospheric pressure ionization (API) tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). Due to their different advantages, various mass analyzers have been used in the different experiments.The metabolism of clemastine, flutamide, and meloxicam were studied in vitro and/or in vivo in different species such as humans, dogs, and horses. Accurate mass measurements with the quadrupole-time of flight mass spectrometer and MSn data supplied by the ion trap instrument were useful in the structural investigation of the product ions of the drugs and their metabolites. Different scan modes of the triple quadrupole mass spectrometer resulted in great flexibility, selectivity, and sensitivity in the qualitative and semi-quantitative studies. Additionally, hydrogen/deuterium exchange and experiments with atmospheric pressure chemical ionization were conducted, and the fungus Cunninghamella elegans was utilized to produce amounts of drug metabolites sufficient for structural investigation.Six isomers of oxidized clemastine were detected and characterized in C. elegans incubations and their retention times and mass spectral data were compared to the metabolites detected in urine samples. Two of the metabolites were concluded to be diastereomeric N-oxides.In urine from horses treated with meloxicam, the peak of 5'-hydroxymethylmeloxicam resulted in much higher intensity than the parent drug or the other metabolites, and it was detectable for at least 14 days after the last dose in some of the horses. That is useful information in the development of analytical methods for the detection of prohibited use of meloxicam.A mercapturic acid conjugate of hydroxyflutamide was detected in urine from cancer patients, which indicated that a reactive metabolite was formed. This metabolite could be responsible for the adverse events reported for flutamide.The results from the four papers included in the thesis clearly demonstrate the usefulness and the flexibility of the HPLC-API-MS/MS technique.
978-91-554-7437-9 / Link / Tevell Åberg , Annica / 2009

N/A / Link / Karlström , Anna / 2000

Agreement by derivationTraditionally the function of the German suffix –in is considered to be the derivation of female personal denominations such as job-titles, agent nouns etc. So far very little attention has been paid to the fact that even noun phrases not referring to humans can serve as base for derivation with –in when they occur as part of a predicative noun. Examples of this usage are constructions such as die Kirche ist Trägerin des Kindergartens or die Schule als Vermittlerin von Wissen. In this paper it is argued that the reason for this usage is the attainment of formal agreement between the noun and the nominal predicate. Traditionally this use has been regarded as optional at the most, the norm being the use of the masculine, unmarked form.In order to illuminate the actual use of the constructions with feminine, presumably non-standard agreement, compared to the use of the masculine default, an empirical study has been conducted. The use of masculine and feminine forms respectively has been investigated in a sample of constructions like [Xnoun als Anoun masc] and [Xnoun als A-innoun fem] from the World Wide Web. The results present a picture rather different from the standard descriptions of the phenomenon. Based on these observations it is argued that what we witness is a typical grammaticalization process from gender derivation to more grammatical gender agreement. This process can exemplify how a semantic distinction based on biological sex can permeate into the realm of inanimacy, becoming more grammatical under the process.
978-91-85445-82-0 / Link / Jobin , Bettina / 2007

N/A / Link / af Wåhlberg , Anders / 2004

N/A / Link / Loukanova , Roussanka / 2007

Sequences of nuclear-encoded small-subunit rRNA genes have been determined for representatives of the enigmatic genera Dermocystidium, Ichthyophonus, and Psorospermium, protistan parasites of fish and crustaceans. The small-subunit rRNA genes from these p
N/A / Link / Ragan , MA / 1996

Uppsala universitet Semitiska Språk
N/A / Link / Månsson , Anette / 2008

Uppsala universitet Svenska Språket
978-91-7276-083-7 / Link / Nyström , Staffan / 2008

Uppsala universitet Praktisk Filosofi
In his correspondence with Princess Elizabeth and Queen Christina, as well as in parts of the Passions of the Soul, Descartes provides the beginnings of a theory of ethics. Descartes argues that the supreme good, or the end that one ought to pursue in all of one’s actions, is virtue. The latter is understood by Descartes as a matter of using one’s absolutely free will as well as one can. In the paper we try to shed some light on what this Cartesian notion of virtue more specifically entails.
N/A / Link / Alanen , Lilli / 2007

The recent development of a compression device using shape memory Nitinol technology to create an end-to-end anastomosis has renewed the interest in sutureless anastomotic techniques. A phase II, prospective open label clinical trial was started in May 2007 to evaluate the feasibility and safety of this new anastomotic device. Fourty patients who need left colectomy or high anterior resection for either diverticular disease or adenocarcinoma will be recruited in two academic hospitals (Uppsala,Sweden and Leuven, Belgium). Clinical leakage is the primary endpoint. Only preliminary results are available to date as the recruitment is ongoing. The median age of the first ten patients is 57.5 years (44-72). No anastomotic leakage occurred. The median hospital stay was 4.0 days. Only three patients noticed the passage of the ring through the anal canal. By three weeks no ring was sustained in the gastrointestinal tract as was objectified by plain X-ray. First clinical use of this new anastomotic device seems promising. Final results for the total phase II trial are awaited. A prospective randomized trial to compare the efficacy of the EndoCar 28 with conventional stapling should be the next step.
N/A / Link / D'Hoore , A. / 2008

Uppsala universitet Ekonomisk Historia
978-91-87896-87-3 / Link / Morell , Mats / 2008