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Stockholms universitet Övrigt
91-7843-041-0 / Link / Svanberg , Ingvar / 1992

N/A / Link / Axhamn , Johan / 2012

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
This dissertation aims to provide a grammatical description of Dameli (ISO-639-3: dml), an Indo-Aryan language spoken by approximately 5 000 people in the Domel Valley in Chitral in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in the North-West of Pakistan. Dameli is a left-branching SOV language with considerable morphological complexity, particularly in the verb, and a complicated system of argument marking. The phonology is relatively rich, with 31 consonant and 16 vowel phonemes.This is the first extensive study of this language. The analysis presented here is based on original data collected primarily between 2003-2008 in cooperation with speakers of the language in Peshawar and Chitral, including the Domel Valley. The core of the data consists of recorded texts and word lists, but questionnaires and paradigms of word forms have also been used. The main emphasis is on describing the features of the language as they appear in texts and other material, rather than on conforming them to any theory, but the analysis is informed by functional analysis and linguistic typology, hypotheses on diachronical developments and comparisons with neighbouring and related languages.The description is divided into sections describing phonology, morphology and syntax, with chapters on a range of individual subjects such as particular word classes and phrase types, phonological and syntactical phenomena. This is not intended to be an exhaustive reference grammar; some topics are only touched upon briefly while others are treated in more detail and suggestions for further research are given at various points throughout the work.
978-91-7447-770-2 / Link / Perder , Emil / 2013

This article examines the Swedish L2 development of deaf children by testing the validity of Processability Theory on deaf learners of Swedish as an L2. The study is cross-sectional and includes written data from 38 pupils (grades 5 and 10) from a school for deaf and hearing-impaired pupils in Sweden. The primary language used by the pupils is Swedish Sign Language with Swedish being considered their L2. The Swedish data have been analyzed through the lens of Processability Theory (PT). The results show that the grammatical development of deaf learners is similar to hearing learners of Swedish as an L2. The results therefore suggest that PT is applicable even for deaf learners of L2 Swedish.
N/A / Link / Schönström , Krister / 2014

Stockholms universitet Fonetik
An ecological approach to early language acquisition is presented in this article. The general view is that the ability of language communication must have arisen as an evolutionary adaptation to the representational needs of Homo sapiens and that about the same process is observed in language acquisition, although under different ecological settings. It is argued that the basic principles of human language communication are observed even in non-human species and that it is possible to account for the emergence of an initial linguistic referential function on the basis of general-purpose perceptual, production and memory mechanisms, if there language learner interacts with the ecological environment. A simple computational model of how early language learning may be initiated in today's human infants is proposed.
N/A / Link / Lacerda , Francisco / 2006

N/A / Link / Wallin , Lars / 2011

Stockholms universitet Lingvistik
9949118301 / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2007

Stockholms universitet Lingvistik
978-90-272-2994-6 / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2008

N/A / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2008

Stockholms universitet Lingvistik
The paper discusses the relationship between cross-linguistic differences in grammatical resources and linguistic complexity. It is claimed that Sirionó (Tupí-Guaraní) lacks syntactic coordination as in English John and Mary are asleep. Instead, Sirionó employs a number of different strategies – the ‘with’ strategy, the list strategy, and the ‘also’ strategy – to make up for this. It is argued that one or more of these strategies may serve as a diachronic source of syntactic coordination. The development of syntactic coordination in a language exemplifies condensation processes in grammaticalization and increases complexity in the sense that a certain type of complex syntactic structure is introduced, and makes it possible to express in one syntactic unit what previously needed two or more.
978 90 272 3104 8 / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2008

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2011

9781607320944 / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2011

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
1-58811-062-1 (Philadelphia) / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2001

N/A / Link / Dahl , Östen / 1998

N/A / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2006

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Grigonyte , Gintare / 2013

91-973895-9-5 / Link / Lacerda , Francisco / 2005

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
Proteins are responsible for carrying out most of the tasks in a living cell; transcription, translation, replication, movement, catalysis and communication to mention a few. A subset of proteins is the integral membrane proteins, IMPs, which play an important role in governing communication across membranes, whether it is the plasma membrane or an organelle membrane. As IMPs are often responsible for uptake of substances such as hormones and pharmaceuticals they are also very often prime targets in medical research. In order for an IMP to function correctly it must fold and insert into the membrane properly as well as display the correct motifs to its surroundings, on either side of the membrane. IMPs cannot spontaneously insert into the membrane, the insertion is assisted by the Sec-translocon machinery. The Sec-translocon creates a pore in the membrane enabling nascent polypeptides to translocate across the membrane. This thesis will cover both the insertion of IMP segments as well as an evaluation of different approaches on how to investigate the topology of integral membrane proteins.The first question to be addressed is whether there are any specific sequence motifs within the sequence context that can improve the co-translational insertion of a marginally hydrophobic transmembrane helix, mTMH, into the membrane. A mTMH is a protein segment that would not insert by itself into the membrane. It has however been shown that these mTMHs can insert effectively into the membrane using their neighboring helices and loops, referred to as its sequence context, to compensate for the unfavorable insertion of only the mTMH. We show for a number of mTMHs that disrupting the sequence context motifs, usually lowering the ΔG-values for insertion by introducing more hydrophobic residues through substitutions in the sequence context, does not by itself improve the insertion of a given mTMH. It can however be concluded that the positive inside rule is of great importance to improve recognition and co-translational insertion of these mTMHs as it provides an oriental preference of the subsequent helix. This oriental preference will enable the mTMH to insert. This means that the positive inside rule it stronger when followed by a transmembrane helix, at least for the insertion of mTMHs.The second question addressed is that of how to design a method to analyze the topology of membrane proteins in a high-throughput proteomic fashion. In order to extract information on membrane protein topology a protease can be used to degrade the exposed parts of the integral membrane protein, known as shaving. These peptides can then subsequently be degraded and analyzed using MS and bioinformatics. To compare different proteases, we first apply our shaving experiment on two over-expressed proteins and analyze the detected peptides using MS. Secondly; we run the same experiment on non-over-expressed Escherichia coli membrane proteins with known structure. Finally, the results from the above experiments were used to test the accuracy of a number of topology predictors. We can conclude that the use of the protease Thermolysin does show promising results when compared to for instance trypsin. Even though the two proteases show somewhat similar output on the proteins used in this study, Thermolysin does produce fewer peptides originating from the transmembrane region. This is most likely due to the milder, more native like reaction conditions combined with the shorter incubation time used for Thermolysin as compared to trypsin. These properties are believed to greatly improve the output and accuracy when applied on large scale global analysis.
N/A / Link / Nilsson , Daniel / 2014

Phonetic aspects of mother-infant interaction are discussed in light of a functionalist Mother-infant phonetic interaction (MIPhI) model. Adults addressing infants typically use a speech style (infant-directed speech, IDS) characterized by, for instance, extensive suprasegmental (prosodic) modulations. This type of speech seems to interest young infants whose active experience with the spoken language appears to focus their speech perception on the phonological properties of the ambient language during the first year of life.This thesis consists of four articles discussing phonetic modifications at the suprasegmental, segmental and phonological levels, based on data from six Swedish mothersí IDS to their 3-month-olds. The first study concerns the tonal word accent 2 in disyllabic words, and shows how the lexical, bimodal, tonal characteristics of this accent are enhanced in IDS as compared to adult-directed speech (ADS). The second is a cross-linguistic investigation of vowel formant frequencies in Swedish, Am. English and Russian IDS. It shows that vowels like /i/, /u/, and /a/ are more clearly separated in IDS than in ADS, in all three languages. The third study addresses the voiced /voiceless contrast in stop consonants as measured by voice onset time (VOT) and shows that stop consonants seem to be poorly separated in early IDS samples. The fourth study investigates the quantity distinction in V:C and VC: sequences and indicates that this phonological contrast is well maintained in the IDS.Adult data are discussed within the MIPhI model, assuming that suprasegmental and segmental specifications in IDS follow different phonetic specification paths adapted to the infantsí capacities as these develop over the first 18 months of life. The adultsí phonetic adaptations appear to reflect a selective strategy of presenting linguistic structure in a ìgift-wrappingî that is attractive and functional for the infant.
91-7153-853-4 / Link / Sundberg , Ulla / 1998

This is a preliminary report of a study of some linguistic and interactive aspects available in an adult-child dyad where the child is partially hearing impaired, during the ages 8 - 20 months. The investigation involves a male child, born with Hemifacial Microsomia. Audio and video recordings are used to collect data on child vocalization and parent-child interaction. Eye-tracking is used to measure eye movements when presented with audio-visual stimuli. SECDI forms are applied to observe the development of the child's lexical production. Preliminary analyses indicate increased overall parental interactive behaviour. As babbling is somewhat delayed due to physical limitations, signed supported Swedish is used to facilitate communication and language development. Further collection and analysis of data is in progress in search of valuable information of the linguistic development from a pathological perspective of language acquisition.
N/A / Link / Bjursäter , Ulla / 2005

Stockholms universitet Språkvetenskap
2-9517408-4-0 / Link / Mesch , Johanna / 2008

In this article, we describe the architecture of the OntoGene Relation mining pipeline and its application in the triage task of BioCreative 2012. The aim of the task is to support the triage of abstracts relevant to the process of curation of the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database. We use a conventional information retrieval system (Lucene) to provide a baseline ranking, which we then combine with information provided by our relation mining system, in order to achieve an optimized ranking. Our approach additionally delivers domain entities mentioned in each input document as well as candidate relationships, both ranked according to a confidence score computed by the system. This information is presented to the user through an advanced interface aimed at supporting the process of interactive curation. Thanks, in particular, to the high-quality entity recognition, the OntoGene system achieved the best overall results in the task.
N/A / Link / Rinaldi , Fabio / 2013

Södertörns högskola Övrigt
91-86762-61-3 / Link / Milles , Karin / 2010

Speech perception is highly context-dependent. Sounds preceding speech stimuli affect how listeners categorise the stimuli, regardless of whether the context consists of speech or non-speech. This effect is acoustically contrastive; a preceding context with high-frequency acoustic energy tends to skew categorisation towards speech sounds possessing lower-frequency acoustic energy and vice versa (Mann, 1980; Holt, Lotto, Kluender, 2000; Holt, 2005). Partially replicating Holt's study from 2005, the present study investigates the effect of non-linguistic contexts in different frequency bands on speech categorisation. Adult participants (n=15) were exposed to Swedish syllables from a speech continuum ranging from /da/ to /ga/ varying in the onset frequencies of the second and third formants in equal steps. Contexts preceding the speech stimuli consisted of sequences of sine tones distributed in different frequency bands: high, mid and low. Participants were asked to categorise the syllables as /da/ or /ga/. As hypothesised, high frequency contexts shift the category boundary towards /da/, while lower frequency contexts shift the boundary towards /ga/, compared to the mid frequency context.
N/A / Link / Bjerva , Johannes / 2012

978 90 272 1928 2 / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2009

Stockholms universitet Lingvistik
N/A / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2010

Stockholms universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2008

Some results of earlier work on animacy by Kari Fraurud and the author are reviewed, demonstrating the close relationship between (i) the role of animacy as a determinant of grammatical rules and the choice between types of referential expressions, and (ii) statistical regularities in discourse. The idea that animacy is an ontological category is developed further. In the final section, the phylogenetic basis of the notions behind animacy and egophoricity is discussed. It is argued that the grammatical animacy hierarchy corresponds to a three-step cognitive scale: the self is the model for other animate individuals, which are in their turn models for inanimate objects when understood as individual ‘things’.
N/A / Link / Dahl , Östen / 2008

Stockholms universitet Lingvistik
978-5-382-00992-6 / Link / Dal' (Dahl) , Esten (Östen) / 2009