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The applicability of an on-line solid phase extraction method using molecularly imprinted monolithic column was developed for the assay of tramadol (TRD) in urine and plasma samples. The monolithic column was prepared by using TRD as the template, methacrylic acid (MAA) as the functional monomer, ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EGDMA) as the cross-linker and chloroform as the porogen with in situ molecular imprinting polymerization technique. Various parameters affecting the extraction efficiency of the monolithic column were evaluated. Chromatographic analysis of TRD after on-line clean-up of samples was performed by reversed-phase HPLC on an ACE column with ultraviolet detection at 218 nm. The present work was successfully applied for automated simple analysis of TRD in urine and plasma samples with high recoveries between 90.5–93.1% and 93.3–96.0%, respectively. The results revealed that in concentration up to 500 ng/mL of dextromethorphan (DEX), timolol (TMO) and O-desmethyltramadol (M1), the recoveries were not reduced more than 4.3% and 4.0% for plasma and urine samples, respectively. The limit of detection (S/N = 3) and limit of quantification (S/N = 10) for TRD in urine samples were 0.03 ng/mL and 0.10 ng/mL, and in plasma samples were 0.3 and 1.0 ng/mL, respectively. Inter-column precision of the assays (n = 3) for urine and plasma samples at the 100 ng/mL TRD level were 4.0% and 4.2%, respectively.
N/A / Link / Javanbakht , Mehran / 2012

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The nonlinear equation of state of seawater introduces a sink or source of buoyancy when water parcels of unequal salinities and temperatures are mixed. This article contains quantitative estimates of these nonlinear effects on the buoyancy budget of the global ocean. It is shown that the interior buoyancy sink can be determined from surface buoyancy fluxes. These surface buoyancy fluxes are calculated using two surface heat flux climatologies, one based on in situ measurements and the other on a reanalysis, in both cases using a nonlinear equation of state. It is also found that the buoyancy budget in the ocean general circulation model Nucleus for European Modeling of the Ocean (NEMO) is in good agreement with the buoyancy budgets based on the heat flux climatologies. Moreover, an examination of the vertically resolved buoyancy budget in NEMO shows that in large parts of the ocean the nonlinear buoyancy sink gives the largest contribution to this budget.
N/A / Link / Hieronymus , Magnus / 2013

This thesis presents oceanic budgets of potential temperature, salinity and buoyancy as well as a novel way of diagnosing water-mass transformation in salinity-temperature space. The buoyancy of seawater is given by a nonlinear function of temperature, salinity and pressure and much of the work in this thesis revolves around how fluxes of heat and salinity influence the buoyancy of seawater through these nonlinearities.Another large part of the material in this thesis is aimed at quantifying the relative importance of different processes for the vertical transport of heat and salinity in the ocean. Careful analysis of those fluxes in an ocean model reveal the different effects of e.g. advection, diffusion and penetrative shortwave radiation. An interesting finding is that the diffusive fluxes due to isoneutral diffusion (diffusion along density surfaces) and dianeutral diffusion (diffusion across density surfaces) have opposing effects on the oceanic heat and salinity budgets.The final major topic of this thesis is water-mass transformation. A quantitative framework for the study of water-mass transformation in salinity-temperature space is introduced. A continuity equation is also derived for salinity-temperature space, which can be used to calculate the time rate of change of volume in a small salinity-temperature interval. The water-mass transformation framework is applied in an ocean general circulation model, and it is shown how the volume distribution in salinity-temperature space is affected by the different tracer fluxes in the model. It is also shown how the transformation framework is related to earlier work on thermohaline streamfunctions.
978-91-7447-919-5 / Link / Hieronymus , Magnus / 2014

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978-91-7353-686-8 / Link / van Ooijen , Erik / 2014

N/A / Link / von Sydow , Björn / 2012

978-952-5959-45-1 / Link / Sivuoja , Anne / 2012

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N/A / Link / Sjöblom , Paul / 2012

Mobility in and out of intimate relationships has become more common in late modern societies also in later life. However, it has been a neglected issue in social gerontology and sociological studies on ageing. In this paper the research questions are: What characterizes the formation of new inti-mate relationships in later life? Are there any specific, more or less univer-sal, conditions that separate them from relationships in earlier life phases? Qualitative interviews was used with a strategical sampel,consisting of 28 Swedes, 63–91 years, who have established a new intimate heterosexual relationship after the age of 60 or who are dating. The results showed Time constituting a central structuring condition for new intimate relsionships in later life. In the results three aspects of time – Available free time, Lived time and Remaining time – which all have a constituting and an important formative power on new late in life relationships are discussed in relation to theories of late modernity and the Third Age and in relation to changing demographical conditions
N/A / Link / Bildtgård , Torbjörn / 2012

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978-91-89232-63-1 / Link / Ihse , Margareta / 2011

N/A / Link / Jansson , Gunilla / 2006

UVB and UVC toxicity was detected in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines AA8, UV5 and XEM2 (a V79-derived cell line expressing rat P 450 1A1). Unlike FICZ-HPLC assay that showed induction of CYP1A1 enzyme activity after 20 minutes and 2 hour UVC exposure, the EROD assay showed no difference in cytochrome P450 1A1 (CYP1A1) activity after exposure to different doses of UVB and UVC light. Different cytotoxic and mutagenic effect of photo lesions induced by UVC and UVB light was investigated with the DRAG and HPRT assays, comparing the wild type cell line AA8 and the Nucleotide Excision Repair (NER) deficient cell line UV5. DRAG assay showed a significant difference in UV induced cytotoxicity between UVC and UVB reflecting the larger energy and toxic effect of UVC along with significant difference in UV induced toxicity between AA8 and UV5 cell lines. This was further validated through the HPRT assay, which also showed a significant difference in UVC (5 J/m(2)) induced mutagenic effect between these cell lines. In addition, HPRT assay showed the mutagenic effect of photosensitizer, acetophenone. These results show that UVB and UVC generate serious damage through photo products on DNA, and might induce the metabolic activity of CYP1A1
N/A / Link / Rahman , Inayat Ur / 2014

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978-91-86573-16-4 / Link / Ihse , Margareta / 2011

N/A / Link / Szulkin , Andrzej / 2011

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This study explores the metaphors of balance, navigation and the cockpit that are used by Kaplan and Norton (1992) and Edvinsson (1997) to describe and explain the balanced scorecard (BSC) and the intellectual capital (IC) model known as the Skandia Navigator. Metaphors reflect how the world is conceived insofar as they are connected to our thoughts and actions. As such they are part of collective creation of the wor[l]d that tends to enclose us within its frame. The metaphors studied, i.e. navigation, the cockpit and balance, express a belief that the BSC and the navigator support management accounting and control. In another sense, however, they also suggest that the BSC and the IC model not only pertain to the explicit management accounting and control of the organization by management but also to the implicit control of managers themselves.
N/A / Link / Holmgren Caicedo , Mikael /

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Artikeln ger ett kritiskt perspektiv på den arbetsplatsförlagda svenskundervisning för anställda med annat modersmål som inom ramen förutbildningsprogrammet Språksam har genomförts inom äldreomsorgen. Författaren kommer fram till att programmet har inneburit att språket sätts i fokus på ett ganska oreflekterat sätt och görs till syndabock för alla möjliga problem inom verksamheten. Både samarbetssvårigheter och organisatoriska tillkortakommanden tolkas som språkliga problem med risk för att ansvaret för problemen läggs på den andraspråkstalande medarbetaren. Undersökningen visar också hur det som uppfattas som bristande språkfärdighet hos andraspråkstalare i själva verket kan vara ett uttryckför mera generella problem i den kommunikativa praktiken inom verksamheten. För att uppnå de högt ställda målen inom SpråkSam krävs enligt författaren ett nytänkand eoch en från arbetsplatsen fristående utbildning med långsiktiga mål.
978-91-7519-406-6 / Link / Jansson , Gunilla / 2013

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978-91-87235-86-3 / Link / Pettersson , Jonatan / 2014

978-952-10-8306-9 / Link / Piuva , Katarina / 2013

N/A / Link / Malmberg , Hannes / 2014

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Raising the 49th was a unique experiment as it was the first ‘all Bengali’ infantry regiment, it comprised many educated young men from urban backgrounds, and there was no segregation amongst the rank and file based on religion since Hindus and Muslims served together.  This structure was quite unlike other Indian infantry regiments of that era which recruited from the illiterate rural peasantry, compartmentalized into caste or religious based sub units or regiments.On mobilization the Bengalis were sent to Mesopotamia to fight the Ottoman Turks. Cultural prejudices from their own British officers, poor leadership, caste rivalries’ amongst the Indian officers and a serious incident within the regiment resulted in its disbandment in 1920. 
9781443853965 / Link / Nath , Ashok / 2014

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The First World War (1914-1918) or the Great War for Civilisation, as it was known at the time, was a watershed event in modern world history. The events of that conflict changed the social and political map of the world forever. Its repercussions reverberate through time and many contemporary conflicts, particularly in the Middle East, trace their roots directly to the fallout of that war.Though a colony at the time, India actively supported the war effort in its bid to gain Dominion status. The overwhelming majority of mainstream political opinion in 1914 was united in the view that if India desired greater responsibility and political autonomy, it must also be willing to share in the burden of Imperial defence.As a result, India contributed immensely to the war effort in terms of both men and material. Her soldiers served with credit and honour in numerous battlefields around the globe: in France and Belgium, in Aden, Arabia, East Africa, Gallipoli, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Persia, Salonica, Russia, and even in China. By the end of the war 1,100,000 Indians had served overseas at the cost of 60,000 dead. They earned over 9,200 decorations for gallantry including 11 Victoria Crosses. These figures include the contribution of over 26,000 Imperial Service troops who were a part of the Indian States Forces.
N/A / Link / Nath , Ashok / 2014

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Poor aqueous solubility is one of the greatest barriers for new drug candidates to enter toxicology studies, let alone clinical trials. This thesis focuses on contributing to solving this problem, evaluating the oral toxicity of mesoporous silica particles, and enhancing the apparent solubility and bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients in vitro and in vivo using mesoporous silica particles.Toxicological studies in rats showed that two types of mesoporous silica particles given by oral administration were well tolerated without showing clinical signs of toxicity. Solubility enhancement, including in vivo bioavailability and in vitro intracellular activity, has been evaluated for selected drug compounds. Mesoporous silica was shown to effectively increase drug solubility by stabilizing the amorphous state of APIs, such as itraconazole (anti-fungal), dasatinib (anti-cancer), atazanavir (anti-HIV) and PA-824 (anti-tuberculosis). Itraconazole was successfully loaded into a variety of porous silica materials showing a distinct improvement in the dissolution properties in comparison to non-porous silica materials (and the free drug). Microporosity in SBA-15 particles has advantages in stabilizing the supersaturation state of dasatinib. Small pore sizes show better confinement of atazanavir, contributing to a higher dissolution of the drug compound. In the in vivo animal studies, NFM-1 loaded with atazanavir shows a four-fold increase in bioavailability compared to free crystalline atazanavir. PA-824 has a higher dissolution rate and solubility after loading into AMS-6 mesoporous particles. The loaded particles show similar antibacterial activity as the free PA-824.This thesis aims at highlighting some of the important factors enabling the selection of adequate mesoporous structures to enhance the pharmacokinetic profile of poorly water-soluble compounds, and preparing the scientific framework for uncovering the effects of drug confinement within mesopores of varying structural properties.
978-91-7447-924-9 / Link / Xia , Xin / 2014

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N/A / Link / Lundborg , Per / 2014

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The aim of this study is to shed light on and describe a number of secondary school students’ writing practices and their attitudes towards these practices.The material used in the study comes from a secondary school in a suburb of Stockholm where most of the students are bilingual. The entire study comprises five different smaller studies: a questionnaire, a number of interviews, classroom observations, observations of one particular boy’s writing practices and studies of the same boy’s texts.The results of these smaller studies show that a form of encounter between two different writing cultures probably takes place in school. These two writing cultures are, on the one hand, one that is concerned with the students’ school work and, on the other, one that constitutes the private writing culture in which young people indulge when they are not occupied with school work. The study shows that there are obvious differences between these two cultures when it comes to students’ attitudes to writing. Their attitudes to private writing are far more positive than to school writing. A further finding of the study is that there are evident differences between the attitudes of girls and boys to writing, although these are most obvious in the students’ school writing. In private writing the differences are smaller, although some boys claim not to write at all in private, even though they send a great many text messages.One possible implication of the study is that school writing would probably benefit from a widening of the concept of writing to become amore communicative form of writing.
91-86762-68-0 / Link / Larsson , Nils / 2011

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The intrinsic property of cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) to deliver therapeutic molecules (nucleic acids, drugs, imaging agents) to cells and tissues in a nontoxic manner has indicated that they may be potential components of future drugs and disease diagnostic agents. These versatile peptides are simple to synthesize, functionalize, and characterize yet are able to deliver covalently or noncovalently conjugated bioactive cargos (from small chemical drugs to large plasmid DNA) inside cells, primarily via endocytosis, in order to obtain high levels of gene expression, gene silencing, or tumor targeting. Typically, CPPs are often passive and nonselective yet must be functionalized or chemically modified to create effective delivery vectors that succeed in targeting specific cells or tissues. Furthermore, the design of clinically effective systemic delivery systems requires the same amount of attention to detail in both design of the delivered cargo and the cell-penetrating peptide used to deliver it.
N/A / Link / Copolovici , Dana Maria / 2014

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This study documents two empirical facts using matched employer-employee data for Denmark and Portugal. First, workers who are hired last, are the first to leave the firm. Second, workers' wages rise with seniority, where seniority is defined as a worker's tenure relative to the tenure of his colleagues. Controlling for tenure, the probability of a worker leaving the firm decreases with seniority. The increase in expected seniority with tenure explains a large part of the negative duration dependence of the separation hazard. Conditional on ten years of tenure, the wage differential between the 10th and the 90th percentiles of the seniority distribution is 1.1-1.4 percentage points in Denmark and 2.3-3.4 in Portugal.
N/A / Link / Buhai , I. Sebastian / 2014

The aim of this paper is to explain how managerial attention has an impact over the prospect of knowledge transfer from subsidiaries located in developing countries. Lack of attention may cause barrier in knowledge transfer and consequently remoteness of subsidiaries from the MNC knowledge network. This paper further explains the reasons for lack of managerial attention.
N/A / Link / Kumar , Nishant / 2009

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978-91-88568-34-2 / Link / Andersson , Roger / 2007