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Deuteromethanolysis of six beta-methoxy-substituted eta(3)-allylpalladium complexes (1-5) was studied under the same reaction conditions. The reaction rates depend on the ring size of the cyclic complexes, on the sigma-donor/pi-acceptor nature of the anc
N/A / Link / Szabo , KJ / 1997

The correlation between intramolecular bond length and vibrational frequency shifts was calculated at the MP4(aug-cc-PVTZ) ab initio level for a number of molecules (LiH, BH, HF, OH-, HDO, BF, CN-, and HCl) exposed to uniform electric fields in the range
N/A / Link / Hermansson , K / 1997

Relative emission intensity, background emission concentration (BEC) and detection limit (DL) obtained for different analytes and different plasma positions are examples of multivariate data sets. The observations can be related to the emission distribut
N/A / Link / Danielsson , R / 1997

The structures and homogeneity ranges of B6O1-x and B12S2-x were studied using Rietveld analysis of powder X ray patterns. The oxygen content of boron suboxide decreases with temperature int the range 1250-1450 degrees C, Stoichiometric boron suboxide ca
N/A / Link / Lundstrom , T / 1997

3,8-Diamino-5-[3-(12-(3-aminopropyl)-p-carborane-1-yl)propyl]-6-phenyl phenanthridinium chloride hydrochloride (13) has been synthesised by reacting 3,8-diacetamido-6-phenylphenanthridine (9) with 1-(3-N,N-dibenzyloxycarbonylaminopropyl) 12-(3-iodopropyl
N/A / Link / Ghaneolhosseini , H / 1997

Interactions between surfaces and macromolecules are the fundamentals in separation and detection of diverse solutes. In this very brief review the central aspects of protein-surface interactions are discussed with the intention of identifying the import
N/A / Link / Oscarsson , S / 1997

A specific and sensitive capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry assay for the determination of tolterodine and the 5-hydroxymethyl metabolite (Labcode DD 01) in plasma, serum and urine is described. Extraction of the analytes was performed with l
N/A / Link / Palmer , L / 1997

Chiral cis-and trans-4-aminocyclohex-2-enols and achiral 4-aminocyclohexanols, which all are analogues of ambroxol, are prepared via stereoselective allylic substitution of cyclohex-2-ene-1,4-diol derivatives or 1-acetoxy-4-chlorocyclohex-2-ene. The chir
N/A / Link / Larsson , ALE / 1997

[C-11]Carbon monoxide has been used in the palladium-mediated synthesis of [carbonyl-C-11]ketones. Methyl iodide, vinylic and arylic halides and trifluoromethanesulfonates (triflates) have been coupled with tin reagents with insertion of [C-11]carbon mon
N/A / Link / Lidstrom , P / 1997

This work describes a novel application of a recently developed statistical partial least-squares regression technique for the problem of establishing relationships between experimental variables in crystallization trials and the experimental results. To
N/A / Link / Sedzik , J / 1997

The present investigation shows the complementarity of neutron and X-ray diffraction studies. Neutron and X-ray diffraction experiments on a single crystal of Mn(cth)Cu(oxpn) (CF3SO3)(2) have been performed in order to study the nuclear structure and to
N/A / Link / Baron , V / 1997

Five potential MAO-A inhibitors-harmine, N-methyl-harmine, harmaline, brofaromine, and clorgyline-were labelled with C-11 and their brain kinetics evaluated in vivo in rhesus monkey using PET. The compounds were synthesized by alkylation with C-11 methyl
N/A / Link / Bergstrom , M / 1997

The crystal structures of Ti3PO0.58 and Ti3PO0.58D0.37 have been refined from neutron powder diffraction room temperature data using the Rietveld method. Ti3PO0.58 crystallizes in the filled Re3B type structure, space group Cmcm, with the unit cell dimen
N/A / Link / Andersson , Y / 1997

The equilibrium and kinetic properties of an iminodiacetate (IDA) based chelating ion exchanger with a crosslinked agarose, Novarose(TM), as support has been investigated. The second and third acidity constants and some complexation constants of the liga
N/A / Link / Hashemi , P / 1997

A method for the preparation of saturated fatty acids C-11 (C-13)-labelled in the omega-methyl position is described. A highly reactive zerovalent copper complex was prepared from lithium naphtalenide reduced lithium(2-thienyl)iodocuprate. The labelling
N/A / Link / Neu , H / 1997

Palladium-catalyzed oxidation of 5-substituted 1,3-cyclohexadienes carrying a nucleophilic group in the side chain employing O-2-DMSO as the oxidant gave cyclization via 1,4-addition to the 1,3-diene. The nucleophilic groups employed were tosylamido and
N/A / Link / Ronn , M / 1997

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
A method for the preparation of [18-C-11]linoleic acid is described. A highly reactive zerovalent copper complex was prepared from lithium (2-thienyl)iodocuprate reduced by lithium naphtalenide. This copper complex was used in a coupling reaction between
N/A / Link / Neu , H / 1997

The crystal structures of five compounds with phosphonium cations and bromocadmate anions have been determined, and analysed in terms of the supramolecular interactions which determine the lattice types. The salts [MePh3P](2)[CdBr4] and [MePh3P](2)[CdBr4
N/A / Link / Hasselgren , C / 1997

Adsorption and size exclusion in starch and cross-linked dextran were phenomena discovered in Uppsala in the 1950s [Porath (1979), Biochem. Sec. Trans. 7, 1197; Porath (1981), Current Content 19, 21; Porath (1981), J. Chromatogr. 218, 241; Janson (1987),
N/A / Link / Porath , J / 1997

Uppsala universitet Övrigt
N/A / Link / Crozier , RH / 1996

The polymer electrolyte system La(CF3SO3)(3)PEOn has been examined with differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and NMR spectroscopy in order to analyze some of its structural and dynamic properties. Above the glass transition temperature, the fully amor
N/A / Link / Lauenstein , A / 1997

Palladium-catalyzed oxidation of cyclic 1,3-dienes 3, 5, 9, 11, and 13, with an allylsilane group in the side chain, led to an intramolecular 1,4-syn-addition to the conjugated diene through a carbocyclization. Acyclic trienesilanes 7 also underwent anal
N/A / Link / Castano , AM / 1997

Analyses of phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs) were used to assess variation in community structure and total microbial biomass in two boreal peatlands in Sweden, The total PLFA concentration in peat ranged from 0.16 to 7.0 nmol g of wet peat(-1) L (median
N/A / Link / Sundh , I / 1997

Solvolysis of 1-(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl)pyridinium cation (1-P+) in 25% vol acetonitrile in water at 60 degrees C provides the substitution product 2-hydroxy-2-phenylpropane (1-OH) and the elimination product 2-phenylpropene (3). The fraction of eliminat
N/A / Link / Thibblin , A / 1997

The laser-induced deposition of a-C:H on Si(100) substrates by photolytic dissociation of methylene-iodide is investigated. The near-UV multiline of an Ar+-laser in parallel configuration to the substrate surface is used to decompose the molecules. A mod
N/A / Link / Piglmayer , K / 1997

Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) of ZrO2 from three different beta-diketonates - zirconium acetylacetonate, zirconium tetramethylheptanedionate and zirconium trifluoroacetyl-acetonate - is thermodynamically investigated. O-2, H2O and N2O were used as oxy
N/A / Link / Fredriksson , E / 1997

N/A / Link / TIBERG , E / 1995